Our vision
To create a better everyday life for the many people.

Our business idea
We shall offer a wide range of well-designed, functional home furnishing products at prices so low that as many people as possible will be able to afford them.
IKEA Range & Supply has the responsibility to develop, design, produce and supply IKEA stores with home furnishing solutions available to the many people.
Each year IKEA Range & Supply introduce 2,000 new products in the IKEA stores. The total range is almost 10,000 products.
IKEA Range & Supply is a core business within Inter IKEA Group. We are responsible for developing and supplying the global IKEA range, all the way from supplier to customer. We’re involved all the way from product development and material sourcing to production, transportation and product’s end-of-life. Besides that, we’re also promoting our home furnishing offer with range and product communication.
It’s Purchasing & Logistics assignment to make sure that all IKEA products are produced in the most efficient way, always having customer affordability as the goal. There are, however, many other challenges. The production, and the products, must also be sustainable and of good, long-lasting quality. We’re also responsible for transporting all products, from our suppliers to our customers, in a secure, cost-efficient, time-efficient and sustainable way.
Our job is to enable IKEA to do good business while being a good business. In our daily work we need to follow both our brains and hearts to get the job done. We have a strong belief that we can achieve this by working closely with our suppliers, both regarding a more sustainable use of materials and to continuously improve the conditions for workers.
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At IKEA we believe that the brightest possibilities come from individual growth.
Grow in your position, grow into new functions or grow across borders. It’s up to you! People tend to stay with us for many years, giving time to develop.
Our unique career paths help you map the way you want to grow. We’ll help your development along the way with the support you want and need.
Come see things a little differently with us.

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