The explosion of data generated, moved, stored and analyzed around the world today has changed custom IC development forever.
The massive, FinFET-class ASICs used in today’s networking, data center, artificial intelligence (AI) and 5G infrastructure applications require doing things in silicon that have never been done before.
eSilicon manages the design, development and manufacturing of highly complex ASICs for our customers.
To meet the demands of building these monster ASICs, we have created a new model for taking our ASIC customers from RTL to volume production: transparent, collaborative, flexible.
eSilicon was founded in 2000, there are more than 600 employees worldwide, 77% work in R&D. Pavia team was acquired in June 2017.

eSilicon Pavia Design Center:

  • develops state of the art transceivers for 56G/112G Serial links in FinFet technology;
  • develops a set of High End Networking Interface functions (IPs) used to connect the large ASICs does for their Tier-1 customers and also to be licensed to customers who are doing their own ASIC design :
    • Focusing mostly on current 56Gb/s PAM4 modulated, Long Reach (~40dB @ Nyquist freq.) Interfaces for intra-board, board to board and cable connections;
    • Developing next 112Gb/s generation using the most scaled Si Process available on the planet;
    • Cooperating (and expanding) with our colleagues located overseas on Intra-Package links (High Bandwidth Interfaces, especially for Memories – HBM/I)

Our most advanced solutions are truly Digital Signal Processing based and we do everything from A-to-Z: design, Test, FirmWare

eSilicon Italy è un’azienda che partecipa al Progetto LM+.

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Every day we marvel at the speed of technological evolution, the ways it has restructured our daily lives, and its global impact. If you’re just as passionate as we are and want to be a part of the evolution, join eSilicon team today! Our environment fosters growth and collaboration as a pathway to success. A truly teamwork-oriented company, we understand that in order to achieve global excellence in this dynamic world of technology, we must not only attract people who are talented, but also those who work seamlessly together. Individually, our employees are given the opportunity to make a difference. Together, we create the future!

Open Positions:

  • Analog Designers
  • Analog Layout Engineers
  • Digital Designers
  • Digital Place and Route Engineers
  • System Architects
  • Lab Engineers

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You can apply:

After a first CV screening phase, eligible candidates will be contacted and individual job interviews will be scheduled for both permanent and intern positions.



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